BioWash is 100% biodegradable and carcinogen free. It helps reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals from gardens, orchards, greenhouses and farms. This reduces risk to public health both at the growing site and in the kitchen where harmful chemical redidues are still on fresh produce. BioWash is a proprietary blend of processed plant extracts that contains no cancer-causing chemicals. It is formulated for row crop, fruit and nut tree, berry, vegetable, flower and ornamental applications. BioWash is a fertilizer booster that reduces the need for and cost of fertilizers. It is an adjuvant that blends easily with most agrichemicals to increase their efficiency. It reduces surface tension improving absorption of moisture and nutrients via both root and foliar application. Growers report BioWash increases growth, yield and quality while reducing costs.

BioWash Performance

  • Uptake of nutrients and moisture is increased by elevation of the cation exchange capacity (CEC) increasing root size for improved stamina, increased brix, and terpene.

  • Supply of natural growth stimulators. These naturally occurring levels of auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin plant hormones regulate roots, shoots, and bud growth and essential oil production.

  • Promotion of the transport of sugars (brix) giving a noticeable improvement in flavor and enhanced smell and taste.

  • Helps neutralize acidic soils.

  • Lessen crop damage when temperatures drop down to 27°F.

  • BioWash slows ripening and extends freshness by neutralizing ethylene gas after harvest.


Every day we talk to satisfied farmers. Here are three examples. Ask us for case histories specific to your crops.

Tomatoes : One farmer said, ”This is the best crop I’ve seen in 15-years of farming”

Peaches : shown with their grower were protected from freeze damage. The Lewiston, New York grower, Harry Raby said, “My peach orchard saw 17°F weather in March and a summer drought but I’m still harvesting peaches the size of softballs while others in the region have none.” Harry was the only one of many Niagara County farmers who had peaches. The governor issued a Disaster Declaration for the county plus 31 others that year.


Cut Flowers : A Michigan grower said, “We started using BioWash in 2013 and have been using it ever since. We supply cut flowers in the region. Since starting application of BioWash we get better flowers with stronger stems, no pests and two weeks longer shelf life after cutting.

BioWash Application
   BioWash is shipped in the highest possible strength formulated for application at 1:500. The exact amount needed per acre depends upon the size of the plants being sprayed. One gallon of application mixture will stimulate 25 row-crop acres. The amount needed for fruit and nut trees varies by tree sizes. Application guidelines are suggested starting points only. The amount needed is dependent on the size of plants and the thoroughness of application. When applying as a foliar spray, the finest mist available is preferred. Apply during dry weather and during cooler hours of the day. Because the increased brix stimulates improved photosynthesis, applying on sunny days is recommended. Avoid foliar application during high heat. A general rule of thumb is to begin spraying plants when they are only six to twelve inches high. Specific applications starting points are as follows:

  • Fruits, Nuts and Berries: Add 1 oz./8 gal. – avoid blooms.

  • Field and Row Crops: Per acre: Add 5-7 oz./7-20-gal. water. Compatible with liquid nutrients, herbicides, and insecticides.

  • Flowers and Ornamentals: Test soil pH prior to application. Test application rates between 1oz./4-gal. water for hardier plants, and 1 oz./12-gal. for delicate house plants and flowers.

  • As Adjuvant and Natural Surfactant: Use BioWash at 1 oz./4-gal. of liquid. Test and adjust as needed.

  • Improve BRIX and photosynthesis: Apply 1 oz./gal.

  • Freeze/Frost Resistance: Add 1 oz./3 gal. water. Soak entire plant and ground 3-4 days prior to frost or freeze. Regular applications work best.

  • Reduce overripening/Spoilage: Add 1 oz./4 gal. to wash water.

Specifications and Handling

See SDS – Typical Specifications – Handling – Storage Report



Grower and Farmer Feedback

A high percentage of first time customers continue using BioWash Soil Amendment. C

Contact us to talk about success stories that match your challenge. And, ask us about biopesticide, soil amendment and our non-toxic, all-natural cleaner.