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Flood water infiltration very often causes mold, bacteria, odor and other health risks in homes and businesses. CIMR® Technology safe and effective H2O2 gas permeates anywhere air can reach (Including behind walls) to kill these pathogens to restore walls, carpets, furniture, pictures, papers, and other personal belongings. CIMR® Tech results in less time out of the property and savings of 35 to 75% over traditional repairs.


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Our Web Site Presents The GreenSafe™ System Products and Proofs for Clean Room Growing and Traditional Farming. Plant Scientist Test Reports and Grower Briefs Show Value.  Our System All Natural Blends Work Along Your Growing Strategy to Reduce Fertilizer - Replace Harsh Chemicals - Recycle Growing Media to Full Fertility. - Reduced Fertilizer and Water – Grow With Us

Paradigm Shift to Zero Hazards Molecular Scale Systems - Biological Agro Nanotechnology - Soil Amendment - Plant Amendment - Foliar Spray - All-Purpose Cleaner - Shared Space Sanitizer - Military Grade Technology - Next Generation Indoor Grower System -  Low-Level Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Gas 24-7-365 sanitizer dosage in shared spaces (2-times EPA minimum effective sanitizer dosage - 50-times lower than OSHA long term exposure limit) deactivates viruses, allergens, fungi, odors, mold, bacteria and other pathogens - verified by CARB zero ozone - maintenance and consumables not required - no touch HVAC clean up - keep clean - paired with phytochemical hygienic cleaners to eliminate hazardous chemicals from everywhere you and yours live, grow and work.