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  1. Natural plants and synthetic fertilizers are incompatible, it is difficult for plants to absorb minerals such as iron, zinc and synthetic fertilizers.

  2. In some cases, plants absorb as little as 30% to 50% of applied fertilizers and mineral

  3. Synthetic fertilizers bind strongly to soil blocking effectiveness. 

  4. Spray or drench application at 7-oz. per acre is exceptionally effective dissolving (chelating) both organic and inorganic ions making useful products more available.

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  1. Improved Ecological Outcomes – Supporting native species, soil moisture retention, and fertility, reduction of the carbon footprint, reduction of organic waste going into landfills

  2. Improved Financial Outcomes – Food and crop production increases, quality of sustained farm production improves, reduced input costs, and reduced waste management costs.

  3. Improved Social Outcomes – Food price stability, Food security improvement, less disease pressure in animals and plants associated with healthier soils, intergenerational knowledge, and asset transfer.

Our Web site presents The GreenSafe™ System products and proofs for the return to the Biological Model for growing, cleaning and day-to-day living.  Plant scientist test reports and customers briefs show value.  Our System of 100% biodegradable, all natural blends work alongside your current growing  strategy to reduce fertilizer - replace harsh chemicals - recycle growing media - restore top soil to full fertility with reduced water requirements – Grow With Us

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