1 - Centuries old sustainable products supercharged to work on the molecular level where proximity maximizes the force of attraction on nutrients and pathogens. 

2 - Our products fill the promises of synthetic chemicals without the harms. 

3 - The CIMR® core tech was invented by Alton Holt, founder and CEO of the Texas company, Hi-Tech Air and Water Purification Systems. It is a patented photocatalytic converter cell that generates gaseous hydrogen peroxide from humidity and oxygen in room air.

4 - The process for making hydrogen peroxide was discovered during 1880 by a French Chemist.

5 - CIMR® is the sanitizer's first significant improvement. since then. 

CIMR® was introduced in 2005 in collaboration with the Army Corp of Engineers

6 - CIMR® is a Military grade solution that continuously, actively, affordably, and safely protects plants, people and property from mold, yeast, bacteria, allergens, and viruses including COVID 19 in shared spaces.

7 - CIMR Paradigm Shift, HP and Pathogens Are Polar They Attract GHP It Destroys the Pathogen Click Here 4 Inventor Interview Video

8 - 1/50th of the OSHA Exposure Limit

9 - Old Tech - Water Blocks Attraction - New Tech Works Better

10 - Gas Goes Everywhere Air Goes

11 - Non-Destructive Mold Remediation – Zero Mold Left Behind

12 - People - Plants - Pets Protection

13 - Only Air and Water Remain

14 - No Touch - No Hazards

15 - No Consumables

16 - Strong Warranty

17 - Budget 15-20¢ / cu ft. One Time - 3-Yr Warranty

18 - Proprietary App to match a CIMR option to your spaces.


3 - Industry Specific Systems