All-Purpose Hygienic Cleaner provides superior performance without toxic chemicals. Cleaning is accomplished without risk from toxic residues that contaminate products, harm workers, and leave odors. They are hypoallergenic. Work area ventilation and protective equipment and clothing are not required. GreenSafe All-Purpose Cleaner is 100% biodegradable. It is an all-natural mixture of plant and oil seed extracts proven effective cleaning agents. Processed plant and oil seed organic ingredients are supplied by processors using extraction methods that preserve original actives. Components are combined using a proprietary process to make an aqueous aggregation of micelles optimized for cleaning and for long shelf life.


   Cleanup includes organics soil including food soils such as oil, fat, grease, protein, and carbohydrate, living matter such as mold, yeast, viruses, and bacteria. Organic soils foul systems and contaminate products. They are removed by the plant based, natural surfactants (short for surface active agent). One end of the surfactant molecule has a long nonpolar chain that is attracted to oil, grease, and dirt (the hydrophobe). Another part of the molecule is attracted to water (the hydrophile). When dirt or grease is present (hydrophobic in nature) the surfactants surround it until it is dislodged from the boundary to become suspended in solution to be rinsed away. It also removes Inorganic soils including rust, scale, hard water deposits and minerals such as sand, silt, and clay. Inorganic soils plug spays, lines and valves and make pots hard to clean for reuse. Inorganic soils are removed by the cleaner’s natural chelating agents (pronounced keelating from the Greek word claw). The inorganic ions are surrounded by the claw-like chelating agents, breaking them up into small particles to be washed away.




  • Apply All-Purpose Cleaner RTU as supplied. Apply All-Purpose Cleaner as a 2-4 oz. per quart working solution.

  • Spray generously, or sponge on. For heavily fouled surfaces and pots, wet with hot water, spray generously, allow ten minutes of dwell time, and then brush and rinse well. Warm or hot water works fastest. “Dwell time” is time needed to penetrate, dislodge, and release deposits. Fresh deposits clean up easily. Dried, hardened deposits need more dwell time.

  • Users required to apply EPA or FDA registered products report significant reductions those costly and hazardous products’ application rates after precleaning with All-Purpose Cleaner.

  • Mix by filling container with ½ of water volume needed, add concentrate to the water and mix. Add the remaining water volume and mix thoroughly.

  • Optimize: Keep testing and adjusting to be sure you are not applying too much or not enough cleaner. Users (food processors) report significant reductions in agrichemical application rates are possible while inspections improve.

Specifications and Handling

Refer to our SDS – Typical Specifications – Handling – Storage Report. If it is not attached, use our contact information so we can email, fax, or mail you a copy.