GreenSafe Plant Amendment is an all-natural nutrient enhancer. It is designed to increase yield and improve quality by promoting growth, health and terpene production in three ways:

  1. Plant Amendment increases cation-exchange capacity of your chosen growing medium. In increasing the number of cations available to the plant at any given pH the fertility of the growing medium is increased, allowing nutrients and trace elements to be more readily absorbed through the roots.

  2. It gives the plant a reliable source of growth stimulators and amino acids. The growth stimulators include naturally occurring levels of auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin plant hormones which are readily used by the plant to regulate plant growth as cell division in roots and shoots, bud growth and essential oil production.

  3. Its unique formulation promotes the transport of sugars (brix) through the plant to the places they are needed giving a noticeable improvement in flavor and increase in smell and taste.



Plant Amendment provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced germination which promotes larger more vigorous growth during the clone/seedling stage, root development providing vigorous early growth.

  • Uptake of nutrients and moisture are increased by elevation of the cation exchange capacity (CEC).

  • Increased quantity of root hairs and root size which improves nitrogen fixation.

  • Improved natural processes that enhance nutrient uptake and efficiency which leads to increased tolerance to both abiotic and biotic stress and improved crop quality.

  • Improved efficiency of plant protection treatments and rapid recovery from critical environmental changes.

  • Improved plant immunity from fungal, bacterial and virus infections.

  • Reduced transplant shock to overcome and recover from post-transplant stress.

  • Strengthened shoot elongation.

  • Elevated plant metabolism.

  • Increased photosynthesis for improved chlorophyll content.

  • The transport of sugars (brix) giving a noticeable improvement in flavor and enhanced smell and taste. Plant scientists state elevated brix discourages harmful insects.

  • Improved flowering and fruit set with more uniform color and size.

  • Early ripening of fruit and prolonged shelf life.

  • Stimulated to release natural antibiotics and enzymes against soil borne diseases destroying nematode eggshells and accelerating plant wound healing.

  • Reduced or eliminated use of agrichemicals (fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides) to save money and prevent harms to people, animals, beneficial birds and insects, and the environment. 


Specifications and Handling


Refer to our SDS – Typical Specifications – Handling – Storage Report. If it is not attached, use our contact information below so we can email, fax or mail you a copy.


Application and Handling

Plant Amendment is a concentrate formulated for addition to water or nutrient mixture.

Outdoor Growing: Apply at 5-7 oz. per acre in at least 20-gallons of water or agrichemical mixture. First application is prior to final disc. For hemp cultivation, apply each 10-days.


Indoor Growing: Concentrate applied at 4-ml per gallon of your tank mixture. Apply from cuttings or seedlings to flushing. Use at the same rate for all other rooted plants. When using mineral plant feed, you must reduce the rate of feed by 33%.


Mixing Instructions: Fill container with ½ of water volume needed, add concentrate to the water and mix. Jar testing is recommended. Add the other chemicals (nutrients, foliar fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide) if you will spray them together. Add the remaining water volume and mix thoroughly. Plant Amendment is compatible for tank mixing with herbicide, nutrients, insecticides, and fungicides. Plant Amendment is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, carcinogen free. So, overspray is not a concern for people or surfaces. Plant Amendment functions as a cleaner when removed with a water spray.


Optimize: Keep testing and adjusting to be sure you are not applying too much or not enough fertilizer. Users report significant reductions in agrichemical application rates are possible.