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Ancient Tech Meets Nanotech - Application of Nanotechnology  - One of Century's Most Promising Breakthroughs 

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Proprietary Blending Process  Transforms Plant Chemicals into Nanometer (1 billionth of a meter) Colloidal Micelles.

Colloidal Micelles in Trillions: Penetrate Deposits Hygienically Clean - Demobilize Insects -  Break Up Bound Soil -  Carry Water and Nutrients into Plants -  -  Boost Plant Circulation.




Processed Extracts of Plants and Oil Seeds  

Natural Auxins and Cytokinins Biostimulants

Natural Surfactants 

Enhance Nutrient Uptake - Boost Absorbtion and Circulation


Biostimulant - Fertilizer Booster - Nutrient Enhancer - Adjuvant - All Natural - Nanotech Colloidal Micelles - Soil Rescue -  Abiotic Stress Tolerance - Transplant Relief - Nonhazardous - Biodegradable - Hypoallergenic - Max Yield and Quality - Works with All Growing Strategies - Shortens Harvest Cycle - GreenSafe Dollars Return More Than Cost - Cleans Lines and Sprays - Hygienic Cleaner -  No Poison - Controls Microbial and Chemical Product Contamination - Controls Cross Contamination