Bio-Pesticide Super Concentrate is a broad-spectrum contact and systemic bactericide – fungicide - insecticide.  It is exempt from EPA (FIFRA 25b) as the category, minimum risk pesticide. 

Cost: The 1-gallon price for Super Concentrate is $56.00.  It is diluted for use at 3-ounces per gallon for greenhouse and garden spray application.  For field and row crops, apply at 5-oz. per acre.  Costs will be lower per acre depending upon quantity purchased. 

Savings: Growers report synthetic pesticide costs from $50 to $70 per acre plus significant outlay to comply with worker safety standards that do not apply to bio-pesticide.  Bio-Pesticide’s best value is as a preventative agent sprayed weekly.  The product will also serve as a spraying system cleanup/keep clean agent. (Details at Purely Green Tab: Purely Green Products - Purely Green Proofs - Value Verify Kit - Bio-Pesticide)