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Soil Amendment Concentrate – Add 4 ml per gallon of your tank nutrient mixture or irrigation water.  When using mineral based  plants, oilseed extracts and purified water. It is designed to enhance your foliar feeding. 

Plant Amendment Concentrate with your spray application program from early growing phase through flowering at low light.

Cleaner Concnetrate - A proprietary colloidal suspension of nano-sized particles of processed plants, oilseed extracts and purified water.  Cleaner Concentrate is designed to replace all cleaners with equal or better performance.  It replaces harsh chemicals and dangerous solvents. The 3-pack cleaner is ready to use.  Once you learn you can replace all your cleaners, you will want to reorder the concentrate.  Dilute it at 3 oz./qt. for use.  Spray or soak surfaces or items to be cleaned. Allow penetration time.  Scrub, wipe or rinse away dirt, grime, and resin deposits.


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