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The EPA recognizes levels as low as 0.01 ppm as an effective infection control and microbial treatment technology. The Army Corp of Engineers approves CIMR® is a Military grade solution that continuously, actively, affordably, and safely protects plants, people and property from mold, yeast, bacteria, allergens, and viruses including COVID 19 + Varients in shared spaces. CIMR® proprietary company software sizes, then monitors units for spaces of all sizes from motor homes to auditoriums.



  • Tech was invented by Alton Holt, founder and CEO of the Texas company, Hi-Tech Air and Water Purification Systems. It is a patented photocatalytic converter cell that generates gaseous hydrogen peroxide (GHP) from humidity and oxygen in room air.

    Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the most widely used sanitizers. Over the three decades since its introduction, vaporized H2O2 decontamination and infection control has become the standard for the health and food industries. However, its effective dosage ranges from hundreds to thousands of times the one part per million (ppm) OSHA – NIOSH/CDC – ACGIH workplace exposure limit. Areas to be treated are isolated, sanitized, and then confirmed to be H2O2 free prior to being safe for use. This is not practical for the military.

    The Invention Mr. Holt’s CIMR® Infection control technology begins with oxygen gas and water in gas form to produce hydrogen peroxide as a true gas. The CIMR® Air Defense unit establishes and maintains H2O2 at the 0.02 ppm that occurs in nature. This is 1/50th of the workplace limit, so can be applied everywhere air goes 24-7-365. GHP particles are efficient because of an electrostatic attraction to pathogens. GHP is a strong oxidizer that instantly deactivates, then destroys pathogens. This reactivity self-limits the H2O2 level as it returns to oxygen and water as it is supplied by the CIMR converter cell.

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