“In my half decade of cannabis cultivating, I have never seen an additive or product of any type give me yields increased, growth rate and [product quality] levels the way Soil Amendment (SA) has. After running trials on multiple strains, I’ve seen a 300% increase in yields, seven days less veg time in the nursery, and at least a 5% increase in [quality] scores across the board. My SA plants are twice the height and have at least twice the node sites of all control plants, not to mention the insane color, smell and density we have acquired thanks to SA On top of that, I’m saving 33% in my nutrient costs. I would highly recommend SA to anyone looking to step up the quality and productivity of their [growing] operation. I’m a believer, try it, and you will be too!” – 17,000+ Plant Greenhouse Grower – December 2017 (GreenSafe Proofs Tab - All details describing the evaluation.)

Soil Amendment