The 3-pack is designed to last long enough to prove the value for all you grow and clean. 


Soil Amendment Concentrate – Treats 236-gallons of irrigation water.  Based upon the price for 1-gallon refill the treat cost is 10 cents per gallon. Customers report from 30% - 300% greater yield with fertilizer reduction of 30% or more.

Plant Spray (Ready-to-Spray - RTU) – Spray the plants you water with Soil Amendment every 3-5 days to maximize the flow of water and nutrients to all parts of your plants for maximize performance.  Based upon the price for 1-gallon of refill the cost of the 15 ml/gal. spray solution is 59 cents per gallon.

Hygienic All-Purpose Cleaner (RTU) – Replace all your cleaners. Clean everything from windows to pets to vegetables and fruit. Then refill your spray bottle for $1.38 per quart when you reorder a gallon of concentrate to add 3-oz./spray bottle.

How it Works

Processed plant and oil seed extracts known to be effective crop boosters, pesticides and cleaners for thousands of years are combined into colloidal micelles using our modern proprietary process. Ingredients are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and sequences resulting in our breakthrough product system. our technology used to create a "colloidal micelle." This micelle is about the size of 10 hydrogen atoms, or one nanometer. These nano-sized particles penetrate and lift dirt and grease to clean all surfaces. They rescue contaminated soil.  And they supercharge movement of water and nutrients into roots and plants. (Find more Kit information at Purely Green Products - Video + Value Verify Kit - Bio-Pesticide) 

Value Verify Kit