(Cost based upon purchase of 1-qt. Bio-Pesticide Concentrate - Refill the Bio-Pesticide Ready to Use Bottle (or any quart spray bottle) with 1.5 tablespoons of Bio-Pesticide Concentrate +Tap Water)


Pest Control Without Poison

All Uses - For all crops, turf, ornamentals row crops, fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables, lawns, flowers, pastures, trees, pets and structures.

All PestsGrowingReduces harmful insects (including mosquitoes), scale, fungi, nematodes and root fungus.

Animals - Controls pests such as fleas, hoof rot, mange, parasites, scabies and ticks. Product can be left to dry on animals or rinsed with clean water.

Safe - Safe for beneficial insects, pets and people.  Hypoallergenic, odorless and biodegradible.

Bio-Pesticide Ready to Use

  • $29.95


    Registered for Sale in: CA, FL, GA, HI, MN, MS, NJ, NY, and TX


    Cost: Dilute Super Concentrate 3-oz./gallon. One gallon treats 42 acres. Costs range from $3.33 to $1.07 per acre depending upon the quantity purchased.


    Value: Savings are substantial. Growers report synthetic pesticide costs from $50.00 to $70.00 per acre. This without considering the cost of personal protective equipment and contaminated packaging disposal. (Source: https://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/)