All Purpose Cleaner and degreaser. Safe for humans, plants, aquatic life, animals, and the environment. Use ultimate green to dissolve, grease, oil, lubricants, paint, tar, ink and more. Designed for worry free and hands-free deep cleaning. Use for all indoor and outdoor household, commercial and industrial cleaning.

1 quart of cleaner concentrate refills a cleaner sprayer 16 times!



Greensafe Cleaner Concentrate

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  • Cleaner: Spray generously, or sponge on. For heavily fouled surfaces and pots, wet with hot water, spray generously, allow ten minutes of dwell time, and then brush and rinse well.  Warm or hot water works fastest. “Dwell time” is time needed to penetrate, dislodge, and release deposits. Fresh deposits clean up easily. Dried, hardened deposits need more dwell time.  Not regulated by DOT, IATA and lMDG. No special requirement for disposal, ventilation, first aid or protective equipment is required.