GreenSafe Cleaner

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    $1.17 to 78 cents per quart of cleaning solution. (Add 2-oz. of concentrate to tap water, to refill a quart spray bottle)


    Greenhouse Grower – Oregon - A greenhouse growing consultant said, “I think the Cleaner will be the most successful GreenSafe Solutions product There’s nothing like it out there. Every day, the first thing I do when I get to the greenhouse, I spend nearly an hour replacing all the plugged emitters. We must use new ones, plus new pots to start each cycle. The cleaners that work on them are the kind that put us at risk of contaminating our products. Here in Oregon, if State required tests show contamination: both the harvest, and all the other greenhouse plants must be destroyed. Then, the greenhouse must pass a State inspection before growing can start again.  I left the last bunch of plugged emitters in a pail, with diluted GreenSafe Cleaner overnight. The next day, I was able to reuse them. And now, I can recycle all of my pots: saving the cost of new ones without worrying about contamination.” 

    A working solution of GreenSafe Cleaner costs $1.17 - $0.86 per quart blended using 2-oz. of concentrate in tap water.

    How it Works:

    GreenSafe Cleaner is a combination of processed plant and oilseed extracts, They are combined with purified water into a colloidal suspension of nano-sized particles that uses a proprietary blending process. It replaces and outperforms harsh chemical cleaners because nano-sized particles penetrate deposits lifting them off surfaces, then emulsifying them to be rinsed away. Spray generously, or sponge on. For heavily fouled surfaces and pots, wet with hot water, spray generously, allow ten minutes of dwell time, and then brush and rinse well. Warm or hot water works fastest. “Dwell time” is the time needed to penetrate, dislodge, and release deposits. Fresh deposits clean up easily. Dried, hardened deposits need more dwell time. Traditional chemicals stop at their surface having to be reapplied for the same performance.  The CDC recommends thorough surface cleaning before application of an EPA/FDA certified sanitizer.  GreenSafe Cleaner customers report excellent results using this approach.