• Price

    $100.00 -$320.00


    Cost: $2.34 - $1.52/quart of cleaner working solution. (Add 3-oz. of concentrate to tap water, to refill a quart spray bottle) Cost is lower if more than 1-gallon of concentrate is purchased at one time. (1-gal. in a 4-pack costs 25% less than a single gallon for a product that replaces every cleaner you use at home and at work from pets to pots to cars.)

    Value: Cleaner  is a colloidal soap formula that costs less, is safer, and performs equal or better than the harsh chemicals it replaces. It is comprised of trillions of tiny nanoparticles derived from processed extracts of natural plants. Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, it has no need for toxic fuming chemicals such as alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, alkyl polyglucoside, propylene glycol propyl ether and sodium chloride (bleach). It can be used to assure hygienic cleanliness without risk of product contamination. All-Clean does not contain dangerous, flammable solvents, while being an equally effective cleaner for deposits where those fuming chemicals are used. It is not a health hazard and is hypoallergenic. It poses no risk to people, animals, beneficial insects, and bacteria. Personal protective clothing and equipment are not required. It contains no toxins or cancer-causing ingredients. It is 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.  Overspray is never a problem for plants, people or equipment.

  • Optimum blend of beneficial plant and oil seed extracts turbocharged by nanotech to reduce or replace harsh dangerous chemicals for all cleaning.