GreenSafe All-Purpose Cleaner

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    $59.00 -$177.00


    $1.38 - $1.03 cents per quart of cleaning solution. (Add 3-oz. of concentrate to tap water, to refill a quart spray bottle) Cost is lower if more than 1-quart of concentrate is purchased at one time.


    All-Purpose Cleaner cleans sprays, growing areas and pots without harsh chemical cleaners.  Growers save the cost of replacing sprays and pots without the risk of product contamination by harsh chemical cleaners.

    How it Works:

    GreenSafe All-Purpose Cleaner is a combination of processed plant and oilseed extracts processed to form nano-sized (1 billionth of a meter) colloidal micelles.  These micelles replace and outperform harsh chemical cleaners because nano-sized particles penetrate deposits lifting them off surfaces, then emulsifying them to be rinsed away. Traditional chemicals stop at deposit surfaces having to be reapplied for the same performance.  The CDC recommends thorough surface cleaning before application of an EPA/FDA certified sanitizer.  GreenSafe All-Purpose Cleaner customers report excellent results using this approach.

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Our expert services company, founded in Richmond, Virginia 1995, is focused on supplying all-natural nutrient enhancers, bio-pesticides, and bio-cleaners to cannabis cultivators. We ensure your CBD, cannabis, and other consumables are free from contact with toxic, synthetic chemicals from the seed and clone stage through harvest and processing