All Purpose Cleaner and degreaser. Safe for humans, plants, aquatic life, animals, and the environment. Use ultimate green to dissolve, grease, oil, lubricants, paint, tar, ink and more. Designed for worry free and hands-free deep cleaning. Use for all indoor and outdoor household, commercial and industrial cleaning.

1 gallon makes 64 quart spray bottles. Estimated cost per quart - $1.56

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Also available in 55 & 250 gallons. Please call for pricing and shipping info.


Greensafe Cleaner Concentrate - 4 gallons

  • APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS — Add 1 Oz (30ml) Green Safe Cleaner Concentrate into . 1 Quart of water. Repeat for Medium Clean Add 2-Oz Cleaner Concentration, Heavy Duty 3-Oz per Quart. Use like any other and cleaner. Spray generously, or sponge on.  Allow for penetration time, then wipe or rinse away dirt, grime or grease.  Use contact information ' below to request a free copy of the CLEANER USER MANUAL.  It contains application details for personal and pet care, household, fruit and vegetable, garage, shop and commercial uses.

    NON-HAZARDOUS - Not a Hazardous mixture according to OSHA, GHS and WHMIS. Refer

    to data Safety Data Sheet. Not regulated by DOT, IATA and lMDG. No special requirement for disposal, Ventilation, first aid or protective equipment is required.