GreenSafe Plant Amendment (Outdoor Blend)

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  • GreenSafe Plant Amendment (Outdoor Blend)





    Apply at 5 oz. per acre in at least 20-gallons of water or agrichemical mixture. Apply before final disc or seeding with till-less growing. Then, apply 3 more times at 5 oz. per acre, at even intervals stopping 1-week before harvest. Application cost varies from $6.84 to $5.08 per acre; depending upon purchase volumes.


    Hemp Outdoor Cultivation – A university plant scientist conducted a full harvest cycle test, to compare performance between GreenSafe products, and fertilizer alone. Plant Amendment and Foliar Spray applications brought substantial improvements. The yield increase, compared to the application of fertilizer alone, was 122.8% for CBD, and 158.4% for biomass.  Combining our program with a usual hemp cultivation strategy will add a GreenSafe cost of approximately $100.00 per acre over a crop’s harvest cycle. CBD income can be $60,000 per acre.

    How it Works:

    Natural plants and synthetic fertilizers are incompatible. It is difficult for plants to absorb minerals such as iron, zinc, and synthetic fertilizers. In some cases, plants absorb as little as 30% of applied fertilizers and minerals. As much as 70% of applied fertilizers remain unused. 

    After multiple years of synthetic chemical applications, soils are saturated with synthetic contaminants. Hair roots are unable to penetrate the soil and absorb minerals, moisture, inorganic nutrients, or oxygen. Applying additional fertilizers does not help. Plants remain malnourished, and yields are diminished. Plant Amendment uses the latest advances in nano/colloidal technology. It is made up of micelles that carry water and nutrients throughout plants; because they are the size of 10 hydrogen atoms, or one nanometer (one billionth of a meter). These micelles are created by blending plant, and oilseed extracts at specific time intervals, temperatures, and sequences. These nano-sized emulsions offer inherent advantages over traditional chemicals, reduced application rate, more rapid and reliable activation, and extended long-term effect. They penetrate, then remove deposits keeping stomata clean to transport water, nutrients, and natural growth enhancers into roots, and throughout plants. Uptake of nutrients and moisture is increased by elevation of the cation exchange capacity (CEC);  increasing root size for improved stamina, increased Brix, and Terpenes. Natural growth stimulators, auxin, gibberellin, and cytokinin plant hormones regulate roots, shoots, and bud growth. Transport of sugars (Brix) giving a noticeable improvement in flavor, and enhanced smell and taste.  (See GreenSafe™ Foliar Spray for the synergistic effect from applying both products.)