GreenSafe Outdoor Grower Foliar Spray Concentrate-Call for Price and Shipping on Drums/Totes:

Plant application of Foliar Spray works synergistically with Plant Amendment soil application.  Plants absorb nutrients the process by which plants create their fuel, occurs in the leaves. Foliar Spray keeps leaf stomata clear to assure proper functioning of the siphon effect plants need to get fluids and nutrients from the ground up through their stems to their parts that are above ground level. Foliar Spray is compatible for tank mixing with all agrichemicals to increase their efficiency.  It reduces surface tension and improves solubility improving absorption of moisture and nutrients via foliar application. It is a fast-acting and highly effective form of supplementing plant fertilization especially for enhancing the supply of secondary nutrients. Foliar Spray increases growth yield and quality while reducing costs. Crop frost damage is reduced. Spraying cut flowers, fruit and vegetables after harvest extends shelf life. Spray systems are cleaned and kept clean.

Greensafe Outdoor Grower Foliar Spray Concentrate

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  • Outdoor Growing: Apply at 5 oz. per acre in at least 20-gallons of water or agrichemical mixture. Spray weekly during low light.