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    GreenSafe Foliar Spray is formulated for outdoor growing. Apply at 5 oz. per acre in at least 20-gallons of water or agrichemical mixture. Spray weekly during low light. Cost is from$5.86 to $4.30 per acre depending upon gallons purchased.


    Hemp Cultivation – A university plant scientist conducted proof of performance field tests that proved substantial improvement. The Green-Safe-Solutions biostimulants (Plant Amendment and Foliar Spray) applied at 5-oz. per acre resulted in a yield increase compared to the application of fertilizer alone of 122.8% for CBD and 158.4% for biomass. The $100 per acre harvest cycle total application cost reported by the plant scientist compares to expected income from the oilseed alone of $60,000 per acre.  

    Frost Protection – Freeze Recovery - Pueblo pot farm loses millions of dollars in early freeze The TV news video below reports a crop saved by The Ultimate Green Solution (aka GreenSafe Foliar Spray).  Manage your risk growing outdoors.  An application ahead of a frost warning did the job for Green-Safe-Solutions customers like the Raby Farm and can work for you. (See Reports – Hemp Test @ Frost Risk Management)

    How it Works

    Soil and plants are sprayed throughout the harvest cycle. Plant Amendment is sprayed on the soil at final disc,  5-ounces per acre diluted with at least 20 gallons of water or fertilizer solution. Then, it is applied 3 more times at even intervals stopping 1-week before harvest. If drip irrigation is used, the application is 1 ounce per 300 gallons of water with or without fertilizer every week of the growing cycle. The irrigation system will be cleaned and kept clean by the Plant Amendment.  Foliar Spray is applied at 5-oz. per acre once per week stopping one week before harvest.  Foliar Spray keeps leaf stomata clear to assure proper functioning of the siphon effect plants need for moisture and nutrient circulation.  Foliar Spray reduces surface tension improving absorption of moisture and nutrients via plant application. It boosts this fast-acting and highly effective form of supplementing plant fertilization especially for enhancing the supply of secondary nutrients. Foliar Spray increases growth yield and quality while reducing costs. Spray systems are cleaned and kept clean.