GreenSafe Foliar Spray (Outdoor Blend) See Video Below

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    $124.95 - $440.95


    The recommended 5-oz./acre application cost varies from $6.84 to $5.08 per acre, depending upon purchase volumes.  3 applications are typical for an outdoor cannabis harvest cycle.


    The yield increase was 122.8% for oil and 158.4% for biomass in a controlled outdoor test.  See the full report at the TESTIMONIALS AND MEDIA

    How it Works:

    Hemp Cultivation (Figure 1) – A university plant scientist conducted a proof of performance field tests that proved substantial improvement. The Green-Safe-Solutions biostimulants (Plant Amendment and Foliar Spray) applied at 5-oz. per acre resulted in a yield increase compared to application of fertilizer alone of 122.8% for CBD and 158.4% for biomass. The $100 per acre harvest cycle total application cost reported by the plant scientist compares to expected income from the oil seed alone of $60,000 per acre. 

    Frost Protection – Foliar Spray protects against frost and freeze damage. The millions of micelles in Foliar Spray maximize salts, sugars, enzymes, and other substances dissolved in water inside plants.  In addition to boosting yield and quality, this has an antifreeze effect preventing frost damage below the free water freezing temperature. A recent example of the risk from cold weather occurred when a Pueblo pot farm lost millions of dollars in an early freeze ( An application ahead of a frost warning did the job for Green-Safe-Solutions customer in this TV news report: (The Ultimate Green Solution mentioned in the report is a brand once used for Foliar Spray.)


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