GreenSafe Plant Amendment (Indoor Blend)

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    29 cents per gallon to 20 cents per gallon depending upon gallons purchased.


    GreenSafe Plant Amendment (Indoor Blend) delivers from 15% - 300% greater yield. Inorganic nutrients must be reduced by 33% for hydroponic systems.  Reductions are similar to other growing mediums.  So, fertilizer savings return the cost before considering yield, and quality. 


    Medicinal Marijuana Indoor Grower – Arizona – 180-medicinal marijuana cuttings were taken from the same mother plant. The complete harvest cycle was completed with 90 control plants, and 90 plants irrigation water treated with 4-ml/gal. of Plant Amendment. The results were:

    Plant Amendment Cost – 90 Plants – Medicinal Marijuana: $912.24 (Product Plus Labor)
    Yield Increase Added Ounces Value: $30,988.34
    Product Dollars/Plant Amendment Dollar: $33.97
    The Cultivation Manager said, "In my half-decade of cannabis cultivating, I have never seen an additive or product of any type give me yields increased, growth rate and THC levels the way Plant Amendment has. After running trials on multiple strains, I have seen a 300% increase in yields, seven days less veg time in the nursery, and at least a 5% increase in THC scores across the board. My Plant Amendment plants are twice the height, and have at least twice the node sites of all control plants; not to mention the insane color, smell, and density we have acquired thanks to Plant Amendment. On top of that, I am saving 33% in my nutrient costs. I would highly recommend Plant Amendment to anyone looking to step up the quality, and productivity of their cannabis operation. I’m a believer. Try it, and you will be too!"

    How it Works:

    Processed plant and oilseed extracts; known to be effective crop boosters, pesticides, and cleaners for thousands of years are combined into colloidal micelles using our modern, proprietary process. Ingredients are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures, and sequences resulting in our breakthrough product system.  This is our technology, helping to create a "colloidal micelle".

    This micelle is about the size of 10 hydrogen atoms (or one nanometer). These nano-sized particles supercharge the movement of water and nutrients into roots and plants.  And, they penetrate and lift dirt and microorganisms to hygienically clean all surfaces.