GreenSafe Plant Amendment (Indoor Blend)

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  • GreenSafe Plant Amendment (Indoor)

    Price $104.95-$365.95


    Irrigation water is treated at 4-ml/gal. costing 11¢ per gallon (lower for purchases greater than 1-gallon) Find a detailed cost analysis at the tab, TESTIMONIALS AND MEDIA.


    Scientific testing showed a $33.97 return for each $1 spent on Plant Amendment not including the savings from a 1/3 or greater reduction in fertilizer.  Find a detailed value analysis at the tab, TESTIMONIALS AND MEDIA.

    How it Works:

    Processed plant and oilseed extracts, known to be effective crop boosters for thousands of years, are turbocharged using our proprietary process that converts them into nano sized colloidal micelles.   These one billionth of a meter sized micelles dramatically increase the movement of water and nutrients into roots and plants while preventing fertilizer losses to growing media deposits and keeping lines and sprays clean. 

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