Blend of all-natural, extract-based bio stimulant that enhance nutrient effects, rescue soil, and remove foulants.  Individual GSS products are designed to deliver essential ingredients, optimally balanced to growing cycles stages, and cleaning requirements.

Estimated cost per acre - $7.66

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Available in 1, 4, 55 & 250 Gallons. Please call for quanitity pricing

Greensafe Plant Amendment - 4 Gallon

  • GREENSAFE Outdoor Plant AmendmIent Concentrate


    GREENSAFE Outdoor Plant Amendment is a concentrated natural blend of plant and seed oil extracts. It is designed for drench and spray application, to enhance nutrient feeding programs.

    DO NOT USE AS A FOLIAR SPRAY unless recommended by supplier on specific crops. 

    APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS - Soil activation/cleansing/agrichemical booster: Ground sprayer application at 5-oz per acrewith 20-gallons of water.  Use at rate: 1-oz per 300 gallons of water in drip feed or fetigation application.  Fouled fertigation pylon drip system: For cleanup, add 1 oz per 300 gallonsof water to main water line once per week.  Flush until clear of debris. To keep clean, add same dilution once per week. Flush until clear of debris.  To keep clean, add same dilution once per month.  Can be applied with agrichemicals.  Jar testing is recommended.

    HAZARD FREE - Product is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and carcinogen free.  No special disposal, or ventilation.  First aid or protective equiptment on operator is not required. 

    NONPLANT FOOD INGREDIENTS:  Plant and oil-seed extracts RO water mixture.



  • The buyer and user assume all risk and liability of use, storage, and/or handling of this product not in accordance with the terms of the product label.  Green-Safe-Solutions LLC makes no warranties of any kind expressed or implied with respect to the product.  Green-Safe-SolutionsLLC's obligation is limited to replacment of product for damaged material only.  Green-Safe-Solutions shall not liable for any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising from the misuse or inability to use to use this product correctly.