GreenSafe Foliar Spray (Indoor Blend)

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    Foliar Spray is diluted at 15-ml (0.5-oz.) per gallon of water, or nutrient solution for plant spray, at a cost from 32 to 28 cents/gallon; depending upon gallons purchased.


    A long-time indoor grower reports,” I have savings from the reduction of rates of fertilizer from 20% to 33%, just like you said I would. My savings pays for all my Plant Amendment and Foliar Spray. It is a win for me. In all my years of growing, I have never seen any plants react as fast as they do now: before I applied your nutrient enhancers. I am extremely happy with the results, and the savings I receive. Thank you and your team.” See TESTIMONIALS AND MEDIA for GROWER REPORTS - Cannabis Outdoor/Indoor Cultivation – Recreational Marijuana Report for details.

    How it Works:

    Processed plant and oilseed-based components used for thousands of years, instead of synthetic products, are made new by incorporating them into micelles. The millions of these plant-based nano-sized micelles in Foliar Spray offer reduced application rate, more rapid, and reliable activation, and extended long-term affect advantages over traditional agrichemicals. They transport water, nutrients, and natural growth enhancers through leaves and throughout plants. They are created by blending plant and oilseed extracts at specific time intervals, temperatures, and sequences. They penetrate, then remove deposits keeping stomata clean to aid transport of water, nutrients, and natural growth enhancers throughout plants.  Increased uptake of nutrients and improved stamina.

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