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Soil Amendment is a natural blend of plant extracts designed for soil remediation. Remediation is needed when yield and quality are diminishing. Its application cost varies from $4.88 to $2.34 per acre depending upon purchase volumes


Alfalfa - Don Young - Texas – Don bought Soil Amendment for his 180 acres of alfalfa. His alfalfa was in such poor condition, he was considering plowing it under. He applied 5 oz. per acre ($5 per acre or $900 for 180 acres) with 15 gallons of water. He reported the best and most improved alfalfa crop he had ever had, especially since he had considered plowing it under. He applied three additional sprays at seven-day intervals, beginning seven days after the first cutting. He also applied his micro-nutrient/macro-nutrient at the rate of 16 ounces per acre. Total seasonal investment per acre was $20 or $3,600 for entire farm. Don conducted his fourth cutting saying it was much better than normal. He baled an additional 460 bales. He found no worms or insects in the alfalfa. The 4th cutting was all unexpected profit: 180 acres x 40 bales per acre @ $8.00 per bale = $320/acre or $57,600 less $900 for Plant Amendment = $56,700.00 extra profit! Don credits Plant Amendment with saving his farm showing why Green Safe Solution products are an investment, not a cost.

How it Works

Soils are so clogged with contamination that roots are unable to absorb moisture, oxygen, and nutrients. After multiple years of pesticide and synthetic fertilization applications, millions of acres of agricultural soils are saturated with synthetic contaminants. Application of Soil Amendment enables aeration and cleansing of the soil to unlock bound up mineral nutrients.  Soil Amendment both improves the root uptake of nutrients and chelates contaminants to help loosen clogged soils and restore them to productivity.


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