The Value 

  • Indoor Cannabis Cultivation: $33.97 bottom line dollars for each GreenSafe™ Dollar
  • Outdoor Hemp Cultivation: Plus 11.8% CBDA and plus 58% biomass with GreenSafe™ compared to fertilizer alone.
  • Resin Removal – <$3.00/qt. cleaning solution made by adding 3-oz of All-Clean Concentrate to tap water replaces $16.00/qt. ethanol for removing resin from marijuana harvesting and processing tools.

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How it Works

Nanotechnology turbocharges plant chemicals known for a millennium as nutrient enhancers, insect control agents, and hygienic cleaners. Our proprietary blending process with its specific time intervals, temperatures, and sequences transforms processed plant and oilseed extracts into nanometer (1 billionth of a meter) colloidal micelles. These aggregates of biomolecules deliver significant value to GreenSafe products users:

  • Restore soil fertility by breaking up bound soil contaminants.
  • Carry water, beneficial extracts, nutrients, and micronutrients into roots then throughout plants.
  • Transport nutrients into leaves and keep stomata clear to enable their circulation throughout plants.
  • Deep cleaning all surfaces to demobilize harmful insects, bacteria, and fungi including reaching their eggs and spores in the smallest crevices ending cross contamination of future growing cycles.




Proof of Performance Kit

  • Plant Amendment Concentrate - An all-natural blend of plant extracts designed to enhance your nutrient feeding program. Compatible with any growing medium.  Start adding 4 ml (0.8 tsp - 0.13 oz) per gallon to irrigation water at any time during the growing cycle.

    Foliar Spray Ready to Use (RTU) - An all-natural blend of plant extracts designed to enhance your nutrient feed working synergistically with Plant Amendment

    All-Clean RTU - An all-natural blend of plant extracts formulated to deliver superior performance without harsh chemicals. It will replace all cleaners. It will clean processing tools, emitters, pots, and all growing areas. It is hypoallergenic, odor free, requires no protective clothing or equipment and will not contaminate products.

    The Proof: The GreenSafe™ nutrient enhancer and hygienic cleaner system works along side any growing strategy.  Start at any point in your growing cycle.  The kit contains sufficient product to prove the system’s value using:

    236 gallons of irrigation water mixed at 4-ml per gallon - 32-oz. of Plant Amendment Concentrate.  Its cost is 11¢/gal. when you reorder one gallon.

    Reorder  foliar spray concentrate - added to water or nutrient solution using 15-ml (0.5 oz.) per gallon. - Spray cost is 29¢/gal. when you reoder one gallon.

    1 Quart Sprayer fills with 3-oz. of concentrate in your tap water for <$1.40/qt. when you order one gallon of All-Clean Concentrate.   

    Act Now

    Order the Proof of Performance Kit now.  Learn how many dollars you will gain from a GreenSafe™ dollar. Plus, reduce or replace synthetic chemicals to cut costs and minimize or end risks to you, ground water, waterways, useful insects, animals, and other people.