Cannabis Cultivation and Cleaning Toolbox

Available in Quart Sizes Only
  • Cannabis Cultivation and Cleaning Toolbox

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    Available in Quart-Sizes Only

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    Growing, Extraction, and Consumption Aids

    GreenSafe products enhance any growing, and cleaning strategy; benefiting outcomes without the risks of harsh chemicals.

    Products - GreenSafe™ products are combinations of processed plant, and oilseed extracts; known for thousands of years to rescue soil, boost crops, eliminate pests, and deep clean. The breakthrough that makes our products unique is the blending of these components at specific time intervals, temperatures, and sequences, to form nanometer-sized colloidal micelles. A nano is one billionth of a meter. Our products are blends of millions of these micelles that boost growth, and hygienic cleaning. 

    Uptake of nutrients and moisture is increased. Root size is increased for improved stamina and increased Brix (sugars).  Flow is increased throughout plants of natural growth stimulators, auxin, gibberellin, and cytokinin; increasing roots, shoots, bud growth, and essential oil production. Increased Brix improves photosynthesis to impart a noticeable improvement in flavor, and enhanced smell, and taste. When cleaning, nanoparticles outperform harsh chemicals, because they penetrate deposits to lift them to be washed away for hygienically clean surfaces. 

    Soil Spray Concentrate – GreenSafe™ Plant Amendment (Indoor Blend) – mixed at 4-ml per gallon in irrigation water. It makes 235-gallons that increase growing medium, fertility, and enhance water, and nutrient uptake by roots.

    Plant Spray Ready to Use – GreenSafe™ Foliar Spray Ready-to-Use is sprayed on plants every 3-5 days. It reduces surface tension and cleans stomata; assuring circulation of water, and nutrients throughout the plant. It works with Soil Spray to increase yield and quality.

    Cleaner Ready to Use – GreenSafe™ Cleaner Ready-to-Use replaces all cleaners used during cannabis cultivation, harvesting, consumption, and contamination. It is hypoallergenic, odor-free, and non-hazardous. Resin is removed from harvesting tools, processing tools, and from paraphernalia with only warm water; which replaces solvents.

    Value – $1.00 spent on GreenSafe™ products returned $35.00 in increased income in a controlled full harvest cycle test, by a commercial medicinal marijuana greenhouse grower. Ask us for the full report along with one from a plant scientist, comparing Plant Amendment and Foliar Spray to fertilizer alone.

    Order your Cultivation Toolbox Today – Replace any cleaner to see the results. It takes only weeks to see the difference in your plants. You will know why nearly all new customers reorder. Also, ask if our Bio-Pesticide is registered in your State so you can end poison use.