Green-Safe-Solutions is dedicated to the biological model for growing, pest control, hygienic cleaning and sanitizing. Ours are zero hazard products from manufacture to storage, to application and safe disposal. Look for our brands to green your world:

 GreenSafe™ - CIMR® 1)
Lackland Air Force Base - CIMR Installation
Lackland Example
Mold Reactive Control
Safe for Beneficial Insects
Clean Surfaces for Sanitizer
Milking Barn Cleaning/Sanitizing
Clean/Keep Clean Irrigation System
No Sprayer Plugging
Entire Life Cycle Safe
Hearty Early Growth
Healthy Seedlings
No Cross Contamination
1-Mother Plant - 90-Control / 90-Treated
Shoots Biostimulants - Fertilizer Only
Control - Treated Comparison
Frost Damage Prevention
Healthy Peppers
Peaches Thrive
Frost Control
Strawberries Thrive
Sod Farm - Installers BenefitGrass
Horticulturist Value
Record Soybean Crop
No Hazards Mosquito Control
Humming Birds Safe
Synthetic Chemicals Protection
CIMR - GreenSafe No Danger
Phytochemical Cleaners OK With Plants
Grower reports 15-30% yield of top-quality tomatoes, peppers and squash.
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