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Plant Spray (Indoor) biostimulant is diluted at 15-ml (0.5-oz.) per gallon of water or nutrient solution for plant spray at a cost from 50 – 21 cents/gallon depending upon gallons purchased.


Nevada Greenhouse Grower Starts Using Plant Spray

“Hey Gary, wanted to give you feedback on the Plant Spray you sent me a couple of weeks ago. I sprayed it on a section of my Sage plants (about 50 established plants) and the results were amazing! We were able to harvest about twice as much as normal in about a weeks’ time. I'm ready to go with another order ASAP.  Thanks! Glad I saw your add in Grower Talks!

How it Works

Uptake of nutrients and moisture is increased by elevation of the cation exchange capacity (CEC) increasing root size for improved stamina, increased brix, and terpenes. Natural growth stimulators, auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin plant hormones regulate roots, shoots, and bud growth. Transport of sugars (brix) giving a noticeable improvement in flavor and enhanced smell and taste.  Higher brix inhibits pests.


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