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Green-Safe-Solutions LLC

Our company is in its second decade of providing safe solutions. Our products and services deliver value while breaking the cycle of home, work and environment contamination. Our all-natural sanitizer, hygienic cleaner, biopesticide, soil amendment, soil rescue and nutrient enhancer products work on the submicroscopic level along side your current programs significantly boosting quantity and quality while reducing costs.  Our 100% biodegradable products are safe for people, pets, plants, electronics and the environment. 

Gary Reid - Founder - Sole Proprietor

Green-Safe-Solutions LLC

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Gary Reid (239) 465-1890 

Bill Center (804) 298-8370

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SANITIZER - HYGIENUC CLEANER - SOIL AMENDMENT - NUTRIENT ENHANCERS - ALL-NATURAL Military Grade - 10+ years - 150+ sites - thousands octogenarian to infant infection free - Low-Level Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Gas 24-7-365 sanitizer dosage in shared spaces (50-times lower than OSHA - EPA limit) deactivates viruses, allergens, fungi, odors, mold, bacteria and other pathogens - verified by CARB zero ozone - maintenance and consumables not required - paired with phytochemical hygienic cleaners to eliminate hazardous chemicals from everywhere you and yours live, grow and work. 

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