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Bio Tech 

Bio Tech

We enable the Biological Shift.  We turbocharge 100% biodegradable ingredients by processing them to act on the submicroscopic level. Last century’s nutrient enhancers, pest control agents and disinfectants now function within the molecular range where particle polarities take effect.  Both nutrients and pathogen are polar so are attracted to our nutrient enhancers and disinfectant.

Clean Tech

A result is clean rooms for all shared air growing and living when polar pathogens are attracted to our all-natural disinfectant.

Soil Tech

Our blends rescue growing media, restore topsoil to full fertility, reduce water requirements and optimize using proprietary application methods.

Nutrient Tech

Other blends significantly increase plant nutrient uptake and circulation. 30% or greater fertilizer reduction is reported by growers.


Photos show results. as a universal adjuvant, to reduce fertilizer, replace harsh chemicals, inhibit harmful insects without harms to plants, people, furnishings, and electronics.


GreenSafe - CIMR® Tech - PlantBoosters


We look forward to growing with you,

The GreenSafe™ Team

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